The 9th Annual
                                                 Maple Leaf Marathon/Half Marathon

Marathon #1 - 8:00 AM - Saturday, March 4, 2017
Marathon #2 - 8:00 AM - Sunday, March 5, 2017

Roman Gingerich Rec/Fitness Center on the campus of Goshen College
Goshen, IN

The marathon will be 204 laps on the upstairs running track (208 meters) in the Roman Gingerich Rec/Fitness Center.  We will use chip timing to keep track of the laps completed.  We will have a digital display clock at the Start/Finish line. The marathon distance is USATF certified (IN 09003 MW).  This cannot be used as a Boston Marathon qualifier.

 Field Size:
The field for the 2017 Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon/Half Marathon will be limited to the first 40 registered runners each day.  The Race Director reserves the right to allow additions depending on individual circumstances.

 Entry Fee:
$75.00 for runners whose registration is received on or before January 31, 2017.

$85.00 for runners whose registration is received after January 31, 2017.
$125.00 for runners who choose to run 2 races.

Make checks payable to Maple City Runners.
Registration closes Monday, February 27, 2017.

 All the proceeds from this event go to local and regional charities.  More details about the charities being supported are available on request.

Mail or email the registration form to:

 Doug Yoder
710 South 6th Street

Goshen, IN  46526


 More Information @

All participants will receive an official Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon  long sleeve shirt.

All finishers will receive a unique 2017 Finishers Medal.  Award for 1st place male and female.

Aid Stations:
The Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon has 800 Aid Stations!  There will be tables set up in each of the 4 corners of the running track where you may place your fluid replacement bottles/enery packets, etc.  You may stop and drink at a table or you may pick up your bottle and carry to any other table.  Each runner will be responsible for bringing his/her own replacement fluids/bottles, bananas, etc.  We will give each runner 2 GU packets when you pick up your race packet.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q – How is the marathon run?

A – The marathon will consist of 204 laps on the upstairs running track.  Runners will change directions every 30  

       minutes.  (Each runner will complete the lap he/she is on before changing directions)

 Q – Will runners receive splits?

A – There will be a display clock at the START/FINISH line displaying times the entire marathon.  You will run by

       this clock every lap.  In addition we will use chip timing and your lap splits will be available on line after the race.    

       1 mile is approximately 7 ½  laps.

Q – What about spectators?

A – There room for spectators, have friends and family come cheer you on for the entire marathon.

       Spectators must stay away form the lap counters and stay clear of the running area of the track.

 Q – Will there be music?

A – Music will be played through the Rec Center sound system the entire marathon.

Q – How does changing direction every 30 minutes work?

A – At the 30,60, 90, 120, etc. minute mark we will place a large traffic cone on the opposite side of the track from the

       timing mats.  When each runner runs past the cone, they turn and change direction.  The runners who have just

       changed direction will move   to the outside lanes until all runners have changed direction.  This usually takes less

       than 2 minutes.

There is a 6-HOUR time limit for the Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon.


Email Doug Yoder at

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 Name ___________________________________________________________________________

 Race date you are signing up for: 

                     Sat., Mar. 4 2017, 8:00 AM            Marathon #1 __________   ½ Marathon  __________

       Sun., Mar. 5 2017, 8:00 AM            Marathon #2 __________   ½ Marathon  __________   

 Birth ____/____/__________          Race Day Age _____________                  M ____   F ____

 Shirt Size    S ____ M ____ L ____ XL ____                       Phone ___________________________

 Mailing Address  __________________________________________________________________

 Email Address ____________________________________________________________________

Waiver:  In consideration of the acceptance of my entry  in the Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon on March 4 and/or March 5, 2017, I release the Gingerich Rec/Fitness Center, Goshen College and their employees, representatives and event volunteers from any liability or claim for injury or illness that I may sustain during my participation in this event.  I represent that I have adequately trained to participate in this event, and recognize that risks including falls, contact with other participants, heart attack, injury to bones, joints and muscles and death may accompany such participation.  I also waive the right I have to bargain for different release of liability terms.


Signature _________________________________________ Date _______________

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